Automatic CDR Upload Process:Step by step guide for uploading CDR information from within The CourtRoom Program™.

CAP Court User Guides: Step by step instructions for entering cases at the CAP Court and instructions for the Courts receiving the CAP transfers. Also available is a instruction guide for setting up the CAP Courts.

CourtRoom Program Update Process: The purpose of the new update process is to make updating safer and smoother by preventing database corruption and various other issues. Please reference this guide and/or training video (select Training Videos on the left) before downloading your next update.

DAT Notification Process: Outlines how to upload defendants contact information to OCA so that reminders of upcoming court appearances can be sent. Frequently asked questions regarding setting up action codes is also available here. Also available is a brief video overview. If you have trouble playing the video, please try opening this site in Firefox or Chrome before opening a Help Desk ( ticket.

DMV_Call™ Guide: The DMV_Call™ guide is a step by step manual using the optional DMV_Call™ program.

Importing New Letters - Step by step guite to importing new letters from the website. Also available is the letters manual, this will help guide you in creating your own letters. Also available is the ability to add Judges and/or Clerks signatures to letters.

Laser Barcode Reader: There are four barcode readers supported by the program, the first is the 'Metrologic Voyager' (model MK9540-32A38). The second is the Honeywell 1200G. The third is the Honeywell Xenon 1900 and finally the fourth is the Symbol LS-2208. The Symbol LS-2208 has been supplied to the Courts that have applied for a barcode reader in recent grant requests. To set up your new barcode reader you will need to scan a series of barcodes. You can print the barcodes for the 'Metrologic Voyager' (model MK9540-32A38) by clicking here, the Honeywell by clicking here, the Honeywell Xenon 1900 by clicking here or if you have the Symbol LS-2208 scanner click here.

Links: We also provide links to frequently used websites. These links are also available in the program found under the Help menu.

Reporting VTL 1174 0A SBPM charges: The indicator will only apply to charges that originate from the County School Bus Photo Violation Monitoring System (SBPM). Please reference this documentation to identify these charges.

Returned Checks: There are two printable step by step guides for handling returned checks. One is for The CourtRoom Program™ and the other is for The Parking Program™.

Software updates and backups: We recommend that you backup to removable storage everyday that you work. The option to backup your data is found under the 'Main' menu; if you need help designating a backup path please call the office. The program also includes the ability to send backups, error logs, and receive program updates through the internet. These options are located under the 'Help' menu at the top of the screen. If these options are not available for you, please contact the office so that we may assist you in enabling these features.

Speed Keys: If you prefer to use the keyboard, then this is the guide for you. Here you will find a complete listing of all the speed (short cut) keys within The CourtRoom Program™.

Telephone support: Please feel free to call the office with any questions regarding The CourtRoom Program™. Our office hours are Monday threw Friday 7:00am until 5:00pm.

Training Videos: We're now offering CourtRoom Program Training Videos. Check back monthly for new videos.

Users Guide: Step by step guide to learning The CourtRoom Program™.

User Tips: Answers our most frequently asked questions. Its a great resource to use as a training tool and/or reference guide.

User Tutorials: To view our most frequently asked questions click here. The following are some more helpful tips regarding Financial Topics, Probation Transfers and reporting to OCA.