03/09/19 Release Version 1.19.03B

  • Server Migration
02/06/19 Release Version 1.19.02B
  • Fixed AutoMail.
01/31/18 Release Version 1.18.01D
  • The network address information (URL) for the server at DMV has changed. DMV_Call has been updated to use the new address.
12/11/18 Release Version 1.18.12C
  • Updated phone number
  • Switch SEi references over to UCS
04/27/18 Release Version 1.18.04D
  • Digitally sign the CourtRoom program and installers.
02/13/18 Release Version 1.18.02B
  • For the past thirty-one years, it has been my pleasure to serve the New York State Town and Village Courts. Thank you for your support.
             Sincerely, Terry Wolfe This is the final software update from SEi. All future updates will be provided free of charge to the courts by the NY State Unified Court System, Division of Technology. Next week, the SEi Tech support team will become employees of New York State and will continue to support your courts just as they have since 1987. As stipulated in the contract/sales agreement between SEi and New York State, all license agreements between the courts and SEi are here- by terminated effective today.
  • Removed Checks for the 'Parking Program License' expiration date.
01/31/18 Release Version 1.18.01D
  • The network address information (URL) for the server at DMV has changed. DMV_Call has been updated to use the new address.
01/11/18 Release Version 1.18.01B
  • Changes to handle recent Microsoft updates to Windows 10 that caused lockups when accessing network services.
11/29/17 Release Version 1.17.11E
  • The network address information (URL) for the server at DMV has changed. Calls to DMV have been updated to use the new address.
11/27/17 Release Version 1.17.11D
  • Improvements to DMV name searches to allow faster searches when updating addresses.
  • Added workarounds to correct errors caused by the Microsoft Fall update to Windows 10 computers. (Windows 10 Version 1709)
10/23/17 Release Version 1.17.10C
  • More changes to handle duplicate statute/ section numbers in the 'MPS Parking Ticket System' import function.
10/12/17 Release Version 1.17.10B
  • Fixed a problem with entering 'Zip+4' zip codes without first clearing the entry field.
10/05/17 Release Version 1.17.10A
  • Improvements to handling the 'MPS Parking Ticket System' when duplicate statute and section numbers relate to violations with different descriptions and fine levels.
08/15/17 Release Version 1.17.08C
  • Added ability to override the automatic deposit date settings for credit card payments.
07/13/17 Release Version 1.17.07B
  • Improvements to handling the 'ComPlus Parking Ticket System' when no images are transferred.
07/11/17 Release Version 1.17.07A
  • New features have been added to the print drivers to simplify and speed-up development of new letters and reports.
06/19/17 Release Version 1.17.06C
  • Updates to the 'CiteZone' handheld parking ticket system.
06/06/17 Release Version 1.17.06A
  • Added ability to set Credit Card bank and deposit dates to 'Estimated Deposit Date' independent of the nCourt ePayment value.
05/26/17 Release Version 1.17.05D
  • Added ability to block printing of receipts for those courts that only use preprinted bound receipts.
05/19/17 Release Version 1.17.05B
  • Credit Card Payments now properly reflect the Judge's 'nCourt Bank Date' choice.
05/04/17 Release Version 1.17.05A
  • More improvements to 'FTP' file transfers.
04/17/17 Release Version 1.17.04B+
  • Improvements to handling 'FTP' file transfers from the 'ComPlus Parking Ticket System'.
04/12/17 Release Version 1.17.04B
  • Improvements to 'Handheld Parking Ticket' systems.
  • Changes to better support importing tickets from 'Impact Software'
03/24/17 Release Version 1.17.03D
  • Improved support for handheld ticket writers.
03/10/17 Release Version 1.17.03A+
  • Changes to support the 'ComPlus' handheld ticket writing system.
02/23/17 Release Version 1.17.02D
  • Added the 'Boiler Plate' insert function to the Prompt for Reason that appears when voiding deleting, or transferring records in the 'Secure Version' of the program.
02/14/17 Release Version 1.17.02C
  • Changed the 'Accept Card' button for CreditCard payments on the payment screens to make it more obvious that CreditCard payments were enabled.
02/02/17 Release Version 1.17.02A
  • Added a new work around for firewalls that were blocking access to the DMV PREED registration searches.
01/03/17 Release Version 1.17.01A
  • Date lookup fixes for new year, includes 2017 holidays.
12/05/16 Release Version 1.16.12A
  • Fixed a problem with the "Reset letter sent utility" letter #3 was not being reset properly.
11/30/16 Release Version 1.16.11E
  • Added a new function to compute future dates that counts only valid work days.
             GetFutureWorkDay(StartDate, Days2Skip)
11/18/16 Release Version 1.16.11C
  • Fixed a problem with the 'COPY' watermark failing to print in some secure courts on duplicate receipts.
  • Additional fixes to the problems with downloading nCourt payments.
11/03/16 Release Version 1.16.11A
  • Fixed a problem that was blocking nCourt payments on some courts.
10/13/16 Release Version 1.16.10B
  • Fixed a problem with the codes in drop-down lists being out of order.
09/29/16 Release Version 1.16.09D
  • Added an option for PREED passwords and IDs to be unique for each operator. This is the preferred setup according to DMV. (Each user should have their own login credentials for PREED.)
09/20/16 Release Version 1.16.09B
  • Added fully integrated support for Credit Card readers. Card readers run through the USB port on your computer and do not require a dedicated phone line. All types of Credit Cards as well as 'Apple Pay' & 'Android Pay' can be accepted.
09/12/16 Release Version 1.16.09A
  • Fixed a problem with DMV_Call look-up of names from Motorist ID. Addresses with city names exceeding 15 characters improperly recorded the state name.
08/09/16 Release Version 1.16.08B
  • Fixed an error that allowed some invalid parking disposition codes to be entered.
07/19/16 Release Version 1.16.07C
  • Fixed an error with importing parking tickets.
07/12/16 Release Version 1.16.07B+
  • Corrected problem with imported tickets failing to upload to nCourt in some courts.
07/11/16 Release Version 1.16.07B
  • Added ability to send parking tickets with no names (ie. out of state plates) to nCourt for on-line payment.
07/07/16 Release Version 1.16.07A
  • Additional updates to support the 'CHARMS' ticket import system used in Erie County.
06/10/16 Release Version 1.16.06B
  • Enabled a secondary update server to cover times when the primary server is not available.
06/06/16 Release Version 1.16.06A+
  • Added an option to sort tickets within a parking case by ticket number. Go to: UTILITY -> SETUP -> SETUP PARAMETERS Then select the ticket order:
            NEWEST, OLDEST, TICKET, or RAW
06/02/16 Release Version 1.16.06A
  • The VPASS server at DMV has reached 'End Of Life'. DMV_Call has been rewritten to connect to the 'COMPASS' server at DMV.
05/23/16 Release Version 1.16.05D
  • Improvements to the notes 'Boiler Plate' insert function.
05/19/16 Release Version 1.16.05B
  • Added an option to sort tickets within a parking case by ticket date. Options are Oldest first, Newest first, or Raw (unsorted) order. Go to: UTILITY -> SETUP -> SETUP PARAMETERS Then select the ticket order:
            NEWEST, OLDEST, or RAW
05/11/16 Release Version 1.16.05A+
  • Added ability to position cursor within boiler plate text added to notes.
05/06/16 Release Version 1.16.05A
  • Added ability to define and insert boiler plate text into notes.
04/06/16 Release Version 1.16.04A
  • Improved the 'Municipal Parking Services' (MPS) Parking meter system interface to avoid dropped sessions.
03/16/16 Release Version 1.16.03C+
  • Fixed a problem caused in version 1.16.03C that was causing some parking postings to post each payment separately.
03/14/16 Release Version 1.16.03C
  • Speed-up changes made in version 1.16.03B
03/11/16 Release Version 1.16.03B+
  • Added additional support for Non-Handicap Parking Surcharges. Records with total surcharge amounts greater than $999 are split into multiple records that match the 'Justice Court Fund' transfer file specifications.
03/10/16 Release Version 1.16.03B
  • New laws dictionary provided by NY State DCJS. This posting includes the most recent changes and additions to the "DCJS Coded laws files".
03/03/16 Release Version 1.16.03A
  • Added ability to save the history of case related forms.
02/29/16 Release Version 1.16.02D
  • Added ability to recover deleted parking tickets.
02/25/16 Release Version 1.16.02C
  • Added new options for 'Parking Amnesty' programs.
02/04/16 Release Version 1.16.02A
  • Changes to support an updated backup server.
01/25/16 Release Version 1.16.01D
  • Additional updates to the 'CHARMS' ticket import system used in Erie County.
01/05/16 Release Version 1.16.01A
  • Date lookup fixes for new year.
12/29/15 Release Version 1.15.12D
  • Additional support for Credit Card readers.
12/15/15 Release Version 1.15.12C
  • More improvements for printing on 'Windows 10' computers
12/09/15 Release Version 1.15.12B
  • An update to the 'CiteZone' handheld ticket system to support new import methods.
12/02/15 Release Version 1.15.12A
  • Updates to the 'CHARMS' ticket police import system.
11/24/15 Release Version 1.15.11D
  • Corrected a printing error that caused some image files to be saved inverted to .PDF documents on Windows 10 computers.
11/02/15 Release Version 1.15.11A
  • Added additional parking ticket import support.
08/27/15 Release Version 1.15.08D
  • Updated to support Windows-10.
08/07/15 Release Version 1.15.08A
  • Another update to the 'CiteZone' handheld ticket writing system.
07/29/15 Release Version 1.15.07D
  • Added better support for 'Clickable' cases on parking calendars.
07/13/15 Release Version 1.15.07B
  • Added new support for Credit Card readers.
06/03/15 Release Version 1.15.06A
  • Added additional automation to the new Auto-Mail Service.
05/31/15 Release Version 1.15.05F
  • Added Support for SEi Auto-Mail Service. With this service bulk or mass mailings can be printed and mailed through SEi with significant savings in labor and production costs. Call SEi for further information.
04/29/15 Release Version 1.15.04D+
  • Added improved support for 'QR Code' symbols in form letters and reports.
04/09/15 Release Version 1.15.04B
  • Update to support more custom fine options.
03/03/15 Release Version 1.15.03A
  • Update to better support some courts converting from competitive parking systems.
02/18/15 Release Version 1.15.02B
  • Added a new Paid Code 'J' for 'Judgment Filed'.
01/14/15 Release Version 1.15.01A
  • Added support for conversions from CompuCourt.
11/14/14 Release Version 1.14.11B
  • Added support for the 'Municipal Parking Services' (MPS) Parking meter system. This allows direct download of parking tickets from the MPS automated meters and handheld computers.
10/08/14 Release Version 1.14.10A
  • Update to the 'CiteZone' handheld ticket writing system to better support photos.
09/24/14 Release Version 1.14.09D
  • Fixed a problem with the print drivers that was causing a print error in several courts.
09/19/14 Release Version 1.14.09C
  • Several updates to the 'CiteZone' handheld ticket writing system to support photos taken by the officer at the time of the ticket.
09/05/14 Release Version 1.14.09B
  • A recent update to Adobe Acrobat caused problems with the 'Ariel Fonts' used in many of the forms and letters produced by the program. This release contains a workaround for this font problem.
08/26/14 Release Version 1.14.08C+
  • Fixed a problem with Bold and Underline commands in form letters that resulted from changes in version 1.14.08C.
08/22/14 Release Version 1.14.08C
  • Several improvements to assist merging data from dissolved courts into new courts.
08/15/14 Release Version 1.14.08B
  • Added the ability to 'Archive' copies of letters and forms 'Emailed' from the program as if they were printed. To enable this feature go to the CourtRoom Program:
            UTILITY -> USER DEFAULTS and enter a 0, 1, or 2 in 'Archive Email'
             0 = Disable Email Archive
             1 = Enable Email Archive
             2 = Close the preview screen after an Email
08/05/14 Release Version 1.14.08A
  • Improved support for photos from the 'CiteZone' handheld ticket writing system.
06/02/14 Release Version 1.14.06A
  • Fixes to 'DMV_Call' to reflect the elimination of dial-up support by DMV.
04/24/14 Release Version 1.14.04D
  • Updated support for the 'CiteZone' handheld ticket writing system.
04/09/14 Release Version 1.14.04B
  • Added support for the 'CiteZone' handheld ticket writing system.
04/04/14 Release Version 1.14.04A
  • Corrected a problem with receipt numbers being issued on old checkbook records in the 'Secure Version' of the program.
03/20/14 Release Version 1.14.03C
  • Increased the speed of data Updates.
02/24/14 Release Version 1.14.02D
  • Corrected an error when updating user passwords on new courts.
01/16/14 Release Version 1.14.01B+
  • Fixed a problem with Parking Tickets not loading to nCourt if the new ticket number was a substring of an exiting ticket number.
01/15/14 Release Version 1.14.01B
  • Updated Military time translations to accept 3 digit formats.
11/14/13 Release Version 1.13.10C
  • Added logic to work around slow network updates that are causing duplicate receipt numbers on parking receipts.
10/18/13 Release Version 1.13.10C
  • Corrected missing violation time field on imported Handheld Tickets.
09/25/13 Release Version 1.13.09D
  • Added support for standardized titles on scanned documents.
09/17/13 Release Version 1.13.09C
  • Improved support for HandHeld parking ticket computers used to generate parking tickets.
09/04/13 Release Version 1.13.09A
  • This update includes the initial release of the 'Scanning Option Update' of The Parking Program.
             Attach scan documents to tickets.
             List scanned documents along with archived
             forms and letters.
             Print and/or view scanned documents directly
             from each case.
             Backup scanned documents automatically.
             Scans saved as standard 'PDF' files.
             Additional information on this optional
             upgrade will be sent to the courts in the
             next few weeks.
08/29/13 Release Version 1.13.08D
  • Added a new parking setup parameter to select if you want parking payments to post as a group, or individually to the CourtRoom Program. The default has always been to group the payments. UTILITY -> SETUP -> SETUP PARAMETERS -> POST PAYMENTS INDIVIDUALLY
08/21/13 Release Version 1.13.08C
  • Added new options to the 'Modify ticket' button to mark tickets as 'Voided by Police' or 'Transfer to Moving'.
  • Fixed a problem with the "auto-transfer payments" set-up option. This option correctly transfers tickets to the currently active Judge when entering payments from the 'Enter Payments' screen, however it has never worked from the 'Pay one ticket' option under the 'Modify ticket' button of the Information Screen. This is now fixed.
08/15/13 Release Version 1.13.08B
  • Added support for 'BLANK' and 'SWITCHED' license plate numbers.
07/03/13 Release Version 1.13.07A
  • Corrected screen size and disk timing issues with the new Windows 8.1 operating system. The program should now be fully compatible with Windows 8.1.
05/09/13 Release Version 1.13.05B
  • Added an option to block moving violation cases from nCourt.
         Check the "BLOCK 'Moving Violations'" check box
         to block moving violations from being sent to
03/25/13 Release Version 1.13.03D
  • Improved the support for nCourt fine updates.
02/14/13 Release Version 1.13.02B
  • Corrected a problem with automatic receipt numbers on secure courts failing to show properly on receipts.
02/08/13 Release Version 1.13.02A+
  • Corrected a printing error on Windows 8 machines. The program should now be fully compatible with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
02/07/13 Release Version 1.13.02A
  • Updates to improve support for Windows-8
11/02/12 Release Version 1.12.11A
  • The program will now ignore case numbers on parking payments made through nCourt. This will eliminate the missing payment errors
09/21/12 Release Version 1.12.09C
  • Compatibility changes to match CourtRoom Program.
08/03/12 Release Version 1.12.08A
  • Fixed a problem with blocking 'Judgment' parking tickets from going to nCourt.
06/05/12 Release Version 1.12.06B+
  • Fixed a problem in the 'Secure Version' that could make the 'COPY' stamp appear on original receipts.
05/29/12 Release Version 1.12.05E
  • Added an option to set the disposition date a ticket paid through nCourt. The disposition date has always defaulted to the date the payment was entered on the nCourt Web Site. The default disposition date may now be set to 'Todays Date', 'Estimated Deposit Date', or 'Date Paid'.
04/11/12 Release Version 1.12.04B
  • Added new support for nCourt fine updates.
04/05/12 Release Version 1.12.04A
  • Added new support for 'Parking Amnesty' programs.
03/26/12 Release Version 1.12.03E
  • Updated the file structure for archived letters.
03/02/12 Release Version 1.12.03A
  • Added new logic to support custom fine schedules that include penalty increases based on violation location.
  • Added a second backup server to cover times when the primary server is not available. This should minimize the posibility of downtime due to equipment failure.
02/25/12 Release Version 1.12.02D
  • Fixed a problem that could cause a system lockup when downloading nCourt parking payments.
  • Added an optional field to enter the reason for a ticket dismissal.
02/14/12 Release Version 1.12.02C
  • Several updates to the nCourt interface to remove the possibility of updating a fine amount after it has been paid.
01/23/12 Release Version 1.12.01D
  • Fixed a sorting error on nCourt generated receipts.
01/20/12 Release Version 1.12.01C+
  • Fixed a problem with parking letters caused by the Version 1.12.01C update.
01/18/12 Release Version 1.12.01C
  • Changes to support faster automatic updating of the parking fines on tickets registered with nCourt.
01/11/12 Release Version 1.12.01B+
  • Added a bacground utility to update parking fines on the nCourt web-site 'PayCourtOnline.com' for all open tickets each time a payment is downloaded.
01/05/11 Release Version 1.12.01A
  • Payments for multiple parking tickets paid through nCourt for a single vehicle now show all tickets on one receipt.
12/06/11 Release Version 1.11.12C
  • Fixed a problem with nCourt payments for tickets that have only a penalty due with no fine due.
12/06/11 Release Version 1.11.12B
  • Fixed a problem with printing parking receipts when the preview option is not selected.
12/01/11 Release Version 1.11.12A
  • Added ability to update parking fines on the nCourt web-site 'PayCourtOnline.com' in a background batch mode.
11/29/11 Release Version 1.11.11E
  • Corrected an error in Judge assignment on checkbook records where the 'All Judges' option is selected on parking payments received from nCourt.
11/21/11 Release Version 1.11.11D
  • Fixed a problem with automatic receipt numbers on payments received from nCourt.
11/18/11 Release Version 1.11.11C+
  • Added faster support for initial upload of parking tickets to nCourt.
11/16/11 Release Version 1.11.11C
  • Added support for capturing eMail addresses on nCourt payments.
11/14/11 Release Version 1.11.11B+
  • Added new tests for validating the parking payments received from nCourt.
11/08/11 Release Version 1.11.11B
  • Fixed a problem with error messages when importing an empty payment report from nCourt.
11/03/11 Release Version 1.11.11A+
  • Corrected a problem with batch printing receipts for payments received on-line.
11/01/11 Release Version 1.11.11A
  • This release supports the fully automatic tranfer of adjudicated, unpaid cases to the nCourt website for the on-line payment of fines, surcharges and scofflaw fees. Contact SEi for further information, or to get instructions for activating this new free feature!
09/13/11 Release Version 1.11.09C
  • Added an option to override the program default of limiting searches for parking cases eligible for the "Parking Scofflaw Program" to tickets issued in the past two years. You can now elect to search all old tickets for those cases that meet the '3 violations in 18 months rule'. Go to: UTILITY -> SETUP -> SETUP PARAMETERS Then check or uncheck: LIMIT SCOFF SEARCHES TO PAST 2 YEARS
09/09/11 Release Version 1.11.09B
  • Added additional fine penalty logic for courts with special fine structures.
08/30/11 Release Version 1.11.08E
  • This update includes the initial release of the 'Security Upgrade Version' of The Parking Program.
06/21/11 Release Version 1.11.06D
  • Set the cursor active in the ticket number field for the 'Enter Payments' screen. This makes it possible to select a ticket without using the mouse.
05/16/11 Release Version 1.11.05C
  • Corrected several problems with screen resizing.
05/05/11 Release Version 1.11.05A
  • New option for setting 'Fancy Buttons'. The color and style for buttons can now be set on the 'User Default' screen.
            UTILITY -> USER DEFAULTS -> BUTTON COLOR Buttons can be set to red, yellow, blue, or green.
04/07/11 Release Version 1.11.04B
  • Fixed a problem with printing receipts on multiple charge cases.
03/06/11 Release Version 1.11.03D
  • Initial release of the 'Security Upgrade Version' of The Parking Program.
03/06/11 Release Version 1.11.02C
  • Changes to support 'Security Upgrade Version'
01/03/11 Release Version 1.11.01A
  • Several changes to enable new auditing procedures to be released in March 2011.
10/04/10 Release Version 1.10.10A
  • More options added for fine/penalty structures.
09/07/10 Release Version 1.10.09A
  • It is now possible to enter blank times in any time entry field. [Ctrl]+[U] or [Ctrl]+[Y] will blank the field.
08/23/10 Release Version 1.10.08D
  • Made all the time entry fields more consistent.
08/17/10 Release Version 1.10.08C
  • Added Cash Drawer Support for the Epson TM-U375P PRINTER
06/17/10 Release Version 1.10.06C
  • Added ability to reverse the colors on the 'Ticket Information' screen. The display changes from 'White on Black' to 'Black on White'. This option can be set for each user.
          From the Court Program -
             Use: UTILITY -> USER DEFAULTS
             check 'Reverse Colors'
06/08/10 Release Version 1.10.06B
  • Updated the 'Print Preview' screen to help eliminate the blank grey screen reported by several courts.
  • Fixed a problem with custom fine structures used by some courts.
05/25/10 Release Version 1.10.05D
  • Changes to speed up access to 'PREED' accounts.
05/03/10 Release Version 1.10.05A
  • Fixed a problem with printer margins introduced with version 1.10.4C.
04/14/10 Release Version 1.10.04C
  • The problems with PDF support have finally been resolved! The ability to save and eMail all reports and letters as 'PDF' files has been restored.
04/05/10 Release Version 1.10.04A
  • Fixed problem with time entry on ticket adjournments.
03/11/10 Release Version 1.10.03B
  • Added new fine logic to correct a problem on systems using a 'Windows 7' computer as a non-dedicated server.
  • Several changes to support purging of old tickets that have reached their records retention limits.
11/06/09 Release Version 1.09.11A
  • Enabled the database repair routines to be run for a single database. This will speedup the repairs when required for larger courts
  • Added routines to support 'Parking Ticket Imports' from additional third party vendors.
09/01/09 Release Version 1.09.09A
  • Added new features to custom forms that will make it possible to add help features to future forms.
08/19/09 Release Version 1.09.08C
  • Added new fine logic to help courts update their parking fine schedules without invalidating older fines.
  • Added ability to 'Redo' PREED searches that had failed to produce a plate match on earlier searches.
07/02/09 Release Version 1.09.07A
  • Added a workaroud for some firewalls that were blocking access to the DMV PREED registration searches.
05/27/09 Release Version 1.09.05E
  • Added 'Judge Colors' to several more parking screens.
05/20/09 Release Version 1.09.05D
  • Fixed a problem with screen colors not updating for each Judge correctly.
05/18/09 Release Version 1.09.05C+
  • Corrected error when printing receipts from the 'Enter Payments' screen.
05/12/09 Release Version 1.09.05C
  • Added support for previewing forms and calendars before downloading them from the SEi web-site.
  • Added a new Remote Support feature to the 'Help Menu'.
04/27/09 Release Version 1.09.04D
  • Added additional checks for matching Parking Scofflaws. This will help reduce false reporting of Parking Scoffs caused by data entry errors.
04/15/09 Release Version 1.09.04A
  • Added support for 'Alert Tags' on parking names. You can now set alerts and ticklers for parking names the same as on regular court cases. The alert results in a red flag appearing on all tickets for the same driver.
  • Updated the HTTPS address for DMV plate searches using PREED to match the new address assigned by DMV.
03/31/09 Release Version 1.09.03D
  • Modified the barcode support logic to ignore problems with the new 'Symbol LS-2208' barcode readers. The Symbol LS-2208 is sensitive to the state of the 'Caps Lock' key on the keyboard. With the new changes the barcode readers work regardless of the status of the Caps Lock key.
03/17/09 Release Version 1.09.03C
  • More changes to support 3rd party "Parking Collection Agencies".
03/11/09 Release Version 1.09.03B
  • Added support for the new 'Symbol LS-2208' barcode reader that will be supplied to courts that applied for barcode readers in their recent grant requests.
  • Parking case screen color is now set to match the Judge color selected in The CourtRoom Program.
02/06/09 Release Version 1.09.02B
  • Removed PDF support. I did not want to do this, but there were just too many problems that still need to be resolved in the new printer software. When the print problems are resolved the PDF option will be reinstalled.
01/28/09 Release Version 1.09.01E
  • Fixed the printing bug in the 'PDF' drivers. All of the documents produced by the program can now be saved and/or eMailed in the 'PDF' format.
01/22/09 Release Version 1.09.01D
  • Added the ability to save and eMail reports and letters as 'PDF' files.
12/18/08 Release Version 1.08.12C+
  • Fixed problem with PREED password encription.
12/16/08 Release Version 1.08.12C
  • More changes to support 3rd party "Parking Collection Agencies".
12/02/08 Release Version 1.08.12A
  • Several changes to support 3rd party "Parking Collection Agencies".
10/29/08 Release Version 1.08.10D
  • More options added for fine/penalty structures.
10/09/08 Release Version 1.08.10B
  • Added ability to import Parking tickets from outside agencies.
10/02/08 Release Version 1.08.10A
  • Added more parking fine/penalty structure options.
09/29/08 Release Version 1.08.09E
  • Added new parking fine/penalty structure options for new courts.
  • Added a 'Receipt' button to the 'Parking Payment Screen.'
09/08/08 Release Version 1.08.08A+
  • Attempt to stabilize the startup of parking in muti-user courts with slow network and internet connections.
08/06/08 Release Version 1.08.08A+
  • Fixed problem with the "Collection Agency Interface". Exporting of payment information to the Collection Agency interface file now works properly.
08/04/08 Release Version 1.08.08A
  • Changed the program logic for dismissed tickets to allow dismissal letters to be sent more easily. This also requires an update to Form #450 and the Parking dismissal letter. Call SEi for help with these changes.
07/03/08 Release Version 1.08.07A
  • Added support for HandHeld parking ticket computers used to generate parking tickets. Contact SEi for setup of this feature.
06/10/08 Release Version 1.08.06B
  • Added additional support for data import and export. This supports some parking collection agencies.
04/30/08 Release Version 1.08.04E
  • PREED searches on plates with multiple hits due to the same plate number issued to multiple people in different registration classed caused an error.
04/24/08 Release Version 1.08.04D
  • Changes to support modified screens in PREED.
01/29/08 Release Version 1.08.01D
  • Added a new Paid Code 'U' for 'UnCollectable ' tickets.
01/09/08 Release Version 1.08.01B
  • DMV-Call and PREED failed due to a change in the DMV web-site address. This change apparently happened on Tuesday 1/08/2008. The program now uses the new address.
12/27/07 Release Version 1.07.12D
  • Fixed some display problems on the Add Ticket screen that happened with the last version.
12/13/07 Release Version 1.07.10D
  • Several changes to improve the speed and stibility of the PREED registration searches.
10/26/07 Release Version 1.07.10D
  • Added ability to modify fine structures and maintain the same ticket types. Ticket types are now date sensitive.
  • Barcodes can now be added to parking fine notices.
10/15/07 Release Version 1.07.10C
  • Fixed problem with identifying scofflaws whos names were not properly reset after a name search to DMV.
09/12/07 Release Version 1.07.09B
  • Backups now run faster.
  • Several changes to the 'Collection Agency' interface.
07/03/07 Release Version 1.07.07A
  • Updated PREED DMV web address to use the new site.
  • The 'Show Closed Tickets' option now stays set from case to case. Use UTILITY -> SETUP -> SETUP PARAMETERS to set the default value for 'Show Closed Tickets'.
  • "Online Registration Parking Scofflaw" through PREED Is finally ready! This system eliminates the need to send disks to DMV to 'Scofflaw' a parking violator. Once set-up this option will automatically notify DMV of those drivers that have accumulated 3 unanswered parking violations within an 18 month period. DMV will soon be eliminating the disk transfer system that was previously used for these transactions. DMV asseses a fee to the municipality for each 'Scoff Transaction'. You will need to open an account with DMV to use this service. Send a request to DMV at the following email address:
            PREEDMAIL@dmv.state.ny.us When you contact DMV make sure you request access to "PREED Web Services" and tell them you will need a 'B' record for your user ID. Once you are setup with the 'B' user record, contact SEI to add this information to your parking setup.
05/31/07 Release Version 1.07.05E
  • Fixed problem with selecting officers with identical badge numbers.
05/03/07 Release Version 1.07.05A
  • Fixed the zipcode field to hold 9 digits!
  • Leaving a blank plate number does not trigger a PREED search.
04/24/07 Release Version 1.07.04D
  • Changes to reduce the size of 'Archived Documents'.
04/06/07 Release Version 1.07.04A
  • Corrections to support the changes to DMV's PREED Registration Inquiry Services. DMV changed the 'NameSpace' address without updating their user documentation.
03/29/07 Release Version 1.07.03E
  • Added function to print officers first and last name to letters and forms.
03/19/07 Release Version 1.07.03C+
  • Changes to "Collection Agency Interface" for Croton-on-Hudson court.
03/16/07 Release Version 1.07.03C
  • Added features to the "Collection Agency Interface"
02/28/07 Release Version 1.07.02E
  • Corrected a problem when adding new tickets and editing the name or address information the 'Registration Type' was being reset to blank.
02/09/07 Release Version 1.07.02B
  • Corrected a problem with incorrect ticket types reported on some reports. This only affected some custom summary reports, it did not affect any fine notices or fine amounts.
01/05/07 Release Version 1.07.01A
  • Added an option to transfer all open tickets from one Judge to a new Judge.
12/21/06 Release Version 1.06.12E
  • Preparation for new Windows Vista (tm)
12/21/06 Release Version 1.06.12C+
  • Added option to print a list of batch letters before the letters are actually printed. (Requires FORM 457)
  • Added function to enable computing reduced fines for parking amnesty letters.
12/07/06 Release Version 1.06.12B+
  • Fixed a problem with the 'Add Ticket' screen. The look-up button was not working properly in the ticket type field when the field was empty.
12/04/06 Release Version 1.06.12B
  • Added ability to send any parking letter to groups of drivers as 'Batch Letters'.
11/03/06 Release Version 1.06.11D
  • Added ability to send a letter from the 'Add Ticket' screen.
11/03/06 Release Version 1.06.11A
  • Increased the length of the receipt field to ten (10) characters to be consistent with the moving violation records.
10/25/06 Release Version 1.06.10C+
  • Created a 'Look Only' option for parking. This allows access to The Parking Program with only case search and view rights.
         Set User Rights #014 to 'L'
10/24/06 Release Version 1.06.10C
  • Fixed 'Registration type' field on the 'Add New Tickets' screen so it updates correctly on PREED searches and for plates that have been previously searched.
10/12/06 Release Version 1.06.10B
  • PREED User ID field widened to 18 characters.
09/27/06 Release Version 1.06.09E+
  • Fixed problem with combined receipt numbers resetting to "00000000" when editing 'Setup Parameters'.
09/25/06 Release Version 1.06.09E PREED IS HERE!!
  • First release of "Parking Regulation Electronic Enforcement and Disposition" (PREED) WEB Services. This system eliminates the need to send disks to DMV for address requests. Once set-up this option will automatically load drivers name and address information directly from DMV in real time while entering parking tickets. DMV will be eliminating the disk transfer system at the end of this year. Apply for a user ID and password from DMV by sending a request to DMV at the following email address:
            PREEDMAIL@dmv.state.ny.us When you contact DMV make sure you request access to "PREED Web Services" and tell them you will need a 'B' record for your user ID. Once you are setup with the 'B' user record, contact SEI to add this information to your parking setup.
09/18/06 Release Version 1.06.09D
  • Fixed possible lockup problem that could happen on courts that reindex their databases several times on the same day.
08/14/06 Release Version 1.06.08B
  • Extended limit of checkbook records per ticket to 250.
07/21/06 Release Version 1.06.07D
  • Reduced screen flicker on large report previews.
07/17/06 Release Version 1.06.07C
  • Added a note indicator to the ticket information screen. The indicator is just below the word "Notes" on the left side of the screen. When the indicator is grey, there are no notes on any ticket for that plate number. When the indicator is in color, there is a note on at least one of the tickets. Click the mouse on the indicator when it is in color, and all the notes will be displayed at one time!
  • "Ctrl-N" on the ticket information screen now opens the note edit screen.
06/21/06 Release Version 1.06.06D
  • More changes to avoid conflicts on Novel Servers. These conflicts may lockup workstations with Novel and some virus software programs.
06/06/06 Release Version 1.06.06B
  • Simplified error detection and reporting. This should reduce reported errors.
05/31/06 Release Version 1.06.05E
  • Preparation for new Windows Vista (tm) and McAfee versions.
05/25/06 Release Version 1.06.05D+
  • Several changes to the System Memory Manager. An additional attempt to locate and reduce the system errors caused by various Windows(tm) versions.
05/19/06 Release Version 1.06.05D
  • Database engine update. This should reduce some system errors.
  • Corrections to fix errors when entering receipt numbers. (Corrects problem introduced at ver 5C.)
05/17/06 Release Version 1.06.05C
  • Changes to support new ticket fine date ranges.
05/04/06 Release Version 1.06.05A+
  • Changes to reduce error lockouts with Windows XP(tm) systems.
05/02/06 Release Version 1.06.05A
  • Import and export of data enhanced for transfers to and from DMV.
04/28/06 Release Version 1.06.04F
  • Compatibility changes to match CourtRoom Program.
04/12/06 Release Version 1.06.04C
  • Revised logic for selecting tickets for the parking scofflaw disk. Expiration dates are now selected from the name record as well as the ticket record. This should correct the problems with missing the drivers that should have been scoffed.
04/07/06 Release Version 1.06.04B
  • If you add a name while adding a new ticket, it is now saved properly.
  • Fix made to Editing License state on existing tickets
  • Receipt numbers now post over to the court program.
  • Added a check box for entering a 'Not Guilty' plea while adjourning tickets.
03/31/06 Release Version 1.06.03E
  • Corrected penalty computation for courts using 'Custom Fine structures'.
03/16/06 Release Version 1.06.03C
  • Corrected error with adding new names on tickets. New or edited names now attach to all tickets for the same plate number.
01/20/06 Release Version 1.06.01C
  • Minor changes to the conversion routine to support some very old DOS parking conversions.
01/03/06 Release Version 1.06.01A
  • Completed changes for new Web-Site support.
12/26/05 Release Version 1.05.12E
  • Changes to support the new Web-Site for program update downloads.
  • Many changes to prepare for the new "Parking Regulation Electronic Enforcement and Disposition" (PREED) requirements for data transfer. This will be completed in January 2006.
11/02/05 Release Version 1.05.11D
  • Corrected the printout for Parking Scofflaws to include bar number.
11/02/05 Release Version 1.05.11A
  • Fixed 'Payment Type' so it defaults to the value set in: UTILITY -> SETUP -> SETUP PARAMETERS
10/18/05 Release Version 1.05.10C
  • Several internal changes for program stability.
09/22/05 Release Version 1.05.09D
  • Fixed a problem with notes being lost on dismissed cases.
09/09/05 Release Version 1.05.09A
  • Added an option to print the Parking Scoff List after the scoff disk is produced. This list includes the 'Scoff Bar' number on the report.
08/30/05 Release Version 1.05.08E
  • Corrected options to edit Ticket Number to avoid lockups due to blank ticket number.
08/08/05 Release Version 1.05.08B
  • Internal changes to adapt to changes in the CourtRoom Program.
07/05/05 Release Version 1.05.07B
  • Internal changes to adapt to changes in the CourtRoom Program.
  • Added an option to 'Setup Configuration Parameters' to block batch letters from tickets where there is a pending NotGuilty plea, Partials payments or the ticket has been sent to a collection agency. UTILITY -> SETUP -> CONFIGURATION PARAMETERS
06/22/05 Release Version 1.05.06D
  • Corrected Parking Receipt for tickets with reduced fines. Fine information was sometimes left blank.
06/10/05 Release Version 1.05.06B
  • Added state and plate to the Non-Posted report.
06/02/05 Release Version 1.05.06A
  • Internal changes to increase program stability.
  • Fixed problem with ticket search by receipt number.
05/11/05 Parking Release Version 1.05.05B
  • Corrections for typists with only two initials.
05/06/05 Parking Release Version 1.05.05A
  • Added additional support for Courts handling parking violations in multiple municipalities.
04/13/05 Parking Release Version 1.05.04C
  • Fixed problem with receipts sent from "Pay All" with reduced fines.
04/05/05 Parking Release Version 1.05.04B
  • Fixed fine logic so tickets with partial payments do not increase in value.
03/21/05 Parking Release Version 1.05.03D
  • The menu item "Plea by mail - guilty" has been changed to "Plea Guilty - Set fine". This option works the same as before except you now have the additional option of setting the fine to an amount other than the default.
02/03/05 Parking Release Version 1.05.02A
  • Changed the logic for Batch Letters. There is now an additional prompt when sending batch letters. "Minimum Days Past Due" this is the number of days
         since the fine last stepped up to the next level
         on each ticket. "Min Days Since Last Letter" this is the number of
         days since the last letter was sent on each ticket.
01/27/05 Parking Release Version 1.05.01E+
  • Cleaned-up Scoff law handling.
01/24/05 Parking Release Version 1.05.01E
  • Corrected problem with adjournment screen not saving multiple adjournments.
01/11/05 Parking Release Version 1.05.01C
  • Added new setup parameter:
             "AUTO TRANSFER TO ACTIVE JUDGE" Checking this parameter will auto-transfer payments (and tickets) to the currently active Judge when entering payments from the 'Enter Payments' screen.
12/30/04 Parking Release Version 1.04.12E
  • Corrected error of Penalties posting to 'Other' Account. Penalties now post to 'Fines'.
12/20/04 Parking Release Version 1.04.12D
  • Changed scofflaw logic so multiple tickets on the same day will not trigger a scofflaw. The three tickets must now be on three separate days within an 18 month period to trigger a scoff.
12/01/04 Parking Release Version 1.04.12A
  • Added a setup parameter to limit batch letters to tickets written after a set date. This feature can be used if you have a lot of old tickets that you do not want to send letters for. UTILITY -> SETUP -> CONFIGURATION PARAMETERS Set "Oldest ticket for batch letters" to the date for the oldest ticket to include in batch letters.
11/29/04 Parking Release Version 1.04.11E
  • Fixed 'Read DMV Address Disk' so the state field is separated properly from the city for cities with spaces in their names.

    ** Forms added in this release:
         "Parking - Payments by Receipt"
11/16/04 Parking Release Version 1.04.11C
  • Added edit option for adjournment history records. MODIFY TICKET -> EDIT OPTIONS -> EDIT COURTDAY RECORD
11/09/04 Parking Release Version 1.04.11B
  • Fixed problem with posting checks and credit-card payments to The CourtRoom Program. The postings now go as three separate entries. So the Cashbook and Deposit slips are correct.
11/01/04 Parking Release Version 1.04.11A
  • Enabled automatic receipt numbers for parking.
  • Clean-up Officer and Attorney Names can now be used in parking courts.
  • Speeded up the batch letter utility.
  • Added option for sending Batch Letters for a single selected return date.
10/12/04 Parking Release Version 1.04.10C
  • Fixed problem with cases not showing reduced fines properly when closed.
09/20/04 Parking Release Version 1.04.09D
  • The 'Date Clipboard' and F5, F6, & F7 date keys now work in Parking the same as in The CourtRoom Program.
  • Corrected problem with name searches on cases where names were imported from DMV.
  • Corrected problem with Edit Ticket. Editing the Ticket Number was duplicating the ticket. It now just changes the ticket number on the original ticket.

    ** Letters modified in this release:
         Fixed a problem on the 'Trial Notice Letter'
         ("Function not defined" error)
08/19/04 Parking Release Version 1.04.08C
  • Fixed auto receipt numbers

    ** Forms modified in this release:
         Fixed the problem with closed cases crashing the
         "Parking One-Line Calendar"
07/02/04 Parking Release Version 1.04.07A
  • Added an option to send a ticket to 'Collections' This option, on the 'Modify Ticket' menu, closes the ticket and enters a note indicating the fine level at the time the ticket was sent to collections.
05/14/04 Parking Release Version 1.04.05D
  • Fixed Parking Scoff Law Disk to properly limit cases to next 3 months
  • Corrected error in Name and Receipt searches If name searches and/or receipt searches are not working correctly call SEI to setup the "ResetNameSort" option
05/10/04 Parking Release Version 1.04.05C
  • Added this Change log file to track changes to the Parking program.

    ** Forms modified in this release:
         Added "Parking Dismissed Ticket Report"
         Lists dismissed tickets by date range.
         Fixed the sorting options for the
         "Parking One-Line Calendar"
         Fixed the "Parking Detail Report". It now
         accepts filters properly.
             430.FRM -or- PARKING_DETAIL.FRM
05/19/03 Parking Release Version 1.03.5E
  • Released The New Windows(tm) version of Parking.