Welcome to the Web Site for The CourtRoom Program, the 'Universal Case Management System' for New York State's Town and Village Courts.

The CourtRoom Program Version 1.23.11C+ is now available!

1.23.11C+ Changes:
  • Fixed validation issue in 1.23.11C which occurred when creating a case with multiple charges and entering in Arraignment Date.
  • 'Backup' and 'Upload your backup to UCS' menu items now functioning properly (broken in 1.23.11C).

1.23.11C Changes:

  • Ability to add Waive/Waive-Reduction to Fine, Fees, Surcharges and State Fees.
    • Click Here for the Waive/Waive-Reduction User Documentation.
    • Click Here for the Waive/Waive-Reduction Instruction Video.
    • Click Here to view how to update Receipts and LH_005.FRM. These forms were updated to handle Waive/Waive-Reductions.
  • A required Seal Date field was added to the CDR Charge Info tab. This field will collect charge seal and/or do not seal dates. In addition, date validations were added to the CDR Validate to help curb upload errors.
    • Click Here to view the CDR Seal Date and Date Validations User Documentation.
  • New DCJS Coded Law File.
  • Other miscellaneous changes. See Details for more information.

The CourtRoom Program is an electronic docketing system designed to track every case from start to finish. It allows the Court to immediately update the case with current adjournment information, preventing cases from 'falling through the cracks' and assuring timely adjudication and reporting. Over 200 forms and letters are included in the program. Each court has the ability to create their own letters or customize existing letters to their own specifications.

The CourtRoom Program allows you to create: calendars for easy scheduling and tracking, statistical reports of court activity, and mandatory reports such as Criminal Disposition Reports (CDR540) and the monthly Audit & Control Report (AC1030).

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